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Knitted Animals Back in Stock

Animal Toy Collage

I’ve not posted on here for a while, mainly because I’ve been busy with gardening and knitting. The dry weather here in the South of England has meant that I’ve been able to get out into the garden and do all those jobs which have been waiting for ages.  On the knitting front, I sold a lot of my knitted animals over the Christmas period, then in the new year had a bulk order for ten. So it has taken me till now to make them and to restock our shop.

Knitted Giraffe Toy

First off the knitting needles is Georgie the Giraffe, who is just longing to gladden some little child’s heart. I love knitting these animals as they remind me of the many years I spent in southern Africa.

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Is Knitting Good for You?

old lady knitting

old lady knitting

The cold and ‘flu season is well and truly upon us and this year I have been laid low with a nasty dose of bronchitis which seems to be taking forever to clear up .However, one good thing about having knitting as a hobby is that I can still work at my craft even when feeling unwell. In fact it is now recognised that knitting has great therapeutic value. If you don’t believe me check out the links below.

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Festive Fun

craft fair

The Christmas season has arrived with some very frosty and cold weather. It time to stock up on those items which help keep us warm as well as making lovely Christmas presents for others.

craft fair

We will be selling this year at two Christmas fairs in Kent. On Saturday 3 December we are at Sutton Valence Primary School, North Road, Sutton Valence, ME17 3HT. The fair is open from 12noon to 3pm. Then on Saturday 10 December we are at Marden Memorial Hall, Goudhurst Road, Marden, TN12 9JX for their Christmas Market from 1:30 to 4pm.

Come along and join in the festive fun!

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What is Ladder Yarn?

What exactly is ladder yarn? Simply put it looks like a ladder because it is made by adding blocks of colour between two fine strands of yarn.
Ladder yarn 2 web

The photo shows strands of different colour ladder yarns. You will see that the colour varies and some of them also have a glittery thread running through them. There are several different brands of ladder yarns, including Sirdar Firefly, Zip Ladder Scarf yarn and Ice Ladder yarn. The photo shows some of the lovely colours available.
Balls of ladder yarn

But most important of all – how do you knit with it, and what can you make? The yarn is knitted just as if it was a single strand of yarn. Even plain garter stitch looks lovely. Each manufacturer will have patterns available to make with their yarn, but I use it mainly to make beautiful delicate scarves as shown in the pictures below.

Pink, Lilac and Blue Lightweight Scarf

Pink, Blue and Orange Heart Pendant Infinity Scarf


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Ollie the Wise Old Owl

Here is the latest addition to our animal toy range. This one was knitted with a kit supplied with one of my knitting magazines, which accounts for his unusual colours. I’m interested to know if you think he would look better in more traditional owl colours like brown or grey.

Ollie the wise old Owl is hand knitted in hard wearing bright red and blue acrylic yarn and stuffed with soft polyester toy stuffing. All features are sewn on very securely, so he is safe even for small children. Ollie would make a lovely gift for a child or for someone older who just likes owls! Machine washable on gentle cycle at 40 deg C. Do not tumble dry, just reshape while damp.

Knitted Owl Toy Ornament